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  • Instaplanta on Show!

    15th September 2012

    Instaplanta to Exhibit at this year's Care Show ...... read more

  • It's A Silver Medal!

    July 31st 2012

    Instaplanta Products go down a treat at RHS Tatton!... read more


    12th September 2012

    ... read more

  • Instaplanta Products Make it into Local Newspaper

    19th June 2012

    A number of Instaplanta Schools products are included in the Yorkshire Evening Post... read more

  • More Companies go the Ad-Planta Way

    10th May 2012

    More companies have opted to advertise themselves on Ad-panta's in Otley... read more

  • A Trio of Success in Otley

    5th May 2012

    Otley Town Council and Otley In Bloom Delighted at the new Ad Planta's... read more

  • Crossgates Shopping Centre go the Ad-Planta Way

    15th May 2012

    Ad-Planta's have recently been installed at Crossgates Shopping Centre... read more

  • Another School in London goes the Instaplanta Way

    20th May 2012

    ST Scholastica's Roman Catholic Primary School purchase from Instaplanta ... read more

  • Orchardgate Centre Gives Instaplanta the Thumbs Up

    22nd May 2012

    Orchardgate receives free Planters to the centre... read more

  • South Leeds and Hunslet Cars Drive the Way to Care in the Community

    25th May 2012

    South Leeds and Hunslet Cars Donate Instaplanta products to Local Care Homes... read more

  • Inataplanta Celebrate World Environment Day

    1st June 2012

    Instaplanta team up with 3 other companies to donate products to local schools... read more

  • Tatton Park Flower Show 2012 Not Too Far Away

    2nd June 2012

    Joan Mulvenna's Care Home Garden is on its way to Tatton 2012... read more

  • More Companies Enjoy the Ad-Planta Scheme

    8th June 2012

    More Otley based companies are promoting themesleves the Ad-Planta way.... read more

  • Otley Town Centre is 'Cherished'

    29th April 2012

    Cherised are one of the latset companies to take up the Ad-Planta deal in Otley... read more

  • Dub n Retro hit Otley Town Centre

    29th April 2012

    Dub n Retro leap into Otley Town Centre on the Ad Planta ... read more

  • Joan Finalises Brief for RHS Tatton Park 2012

    30th April 2012

    Joan had to recently submit her final show garden description to the RHS ... read more

  • Another Shopping Centre Choose Instaplanta!

    23rd April 2012

    Crossgates Shopping Centre in Leeds Choose Instaplanta!... read more

  • Meet Your Baby Scan Fantastic Ad-Planta's at WRC

    16th April 2012

    Meet your Baby Ltd are the latest local business to promote themselves at the White Rose... read more

  • RHS Tatton Final Design

    16th April 2012

    Joan Mulvenna has submitted her final RHS Tatton Flower Show garden plan ... read more

  • Instaplanta meet with Joan

    9th March 2012

    The Instaplanta team meet up with garden Designer Joan Mulvenna to discuss Tatton 2012... read more

  • Otley Town Council

    4th March 2012

    They Say Yes! Otley Town Council recognise the 'Free Ad-Planta' benefits ...... read more

  • Patio Allotment a Hit with Smarty Plants

    28th December 2011

    There is no doubt that enthusiasm towards growing food crops is seeing a hearty revival, althou... read more

  • RHS Tatton 2012 - Joan Mulvenna & Instaplanta?

    Instaplanta Keeping Fingers Crossed for Joan Mulvenna!... read more

  • The White Rose Centre, Leeds

    29th November 2011

    The White Rose Centre in Leeds has teamed up with Instaplanta (Yorkshire) Ltd to deliver a new ... read more

  • Celebrity uses Instaplanta at Exhibit

    28th December 2011

    Gardening Celebrity uses Instaplanta products in Award Winning Exhibit. Well known gardening pr... read more

  • New Instaplanta Patio Allotment!

    26th December 2011

    Even in the smallest of garden's you can grow an array of veg, salad and herb crops using Insta... read more

  • Winter savings with Instaplanta!

    24th November 2011

    Receive 10% discount off all list prices if you place your order on or before 16th February 201... read more

  • More Ad-Planters Snapped Up!

    13th October 2011

    Stemm Vision Comm Ltd score a brace and take two planters at the White Rose Centre in time to k... read more

  • Instaplanta Products A Great Success At Glee

    24th September 2011

    Instaplanta won accolade for “Big environmental and economic potential” for the unique plan... read more

  • Record Ad-Planter Sale!

    15th August

    Artisan local Building & Loft Conversion Specialists sign up for a record number of Ad-Planters... read more

  • LPR - Green Advertising

    12th July 2011

    Leeds Paper Recycling choose to advertise the ‘green’ way!... read more

  • Instaplanta in Schools

    9th June 2011

    St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School open their new Instaplanta Veg Garden!... read more

  • It's Silver!

    July 31st 2012

    Instaplanta Care Home Garden Products Go Down A Storm At RHS Tatton 2012....... read more

  • It's Silver Medal!

    31st July 2012

    Our Care Home Garden Products Gets Seal Of Approval @ RHS Tatton 2012..... read more

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Outdoor Planters for Public Spaces, Schools, Healthcare and Outdoor Advertising Outdoor Planters for Public Spaces, Schools, Healthcare and Outdoor Advertising Outdoor Planters for Public Spaces, Schools, Healthcare and Outdoor Advertising Outdoor Planters for Public Spaces, Schools, Healthcare and Outdoor Advertising Outdoor Planters for Public Spaces, Schools, Healthcare and Outdoor Advertising Outdoor Planters for Public Spaces, Schools, Healthcare and Outdoor Advertising Outdoor Planters for Public Spaces, Schools, Healthcare and Outdoor Advertising

Our latest news

Christine Walkden recommends the Instaplanta system

Christine Walkden recommends the Instaplanta system

"I fully recommend the Instaplanta system as units enabling children and people of all ages and abilities to be able to garden wherever they are.

A very practical and cost efficient way of enabling everyone in the community to glean the pleasures and satisfaction of gardening."

Christine Walkden
Horticulturist & BBC TV Gardening Presenter
& Winner of the AoC Gold Award for Further Education Alumni 2009

Digging for victory: schools back gardens plan

Digging for victory: schools back gardens plan

Introducing children to gardening at an early age helps them to understand where the food on their table comes from, and research by the RHS suggests it can help improve academic achievement, behaviour and confidence among pupils. It can contribute to the mental and physical health of children.

If all primary schools in the UK started practical gardening, nearly five million children aged four to eleven in 21,500 schools would benefit. Anything from a window box to raised beds or, if there is room, an entire plot on school grounds could could be cultivated.

Ed Balls, former Secretary of State for Schools said: "Young people really enjoy learning outside the classroom, doing practical things and getting their hands dirty...We already know from the success of the DCSF's existing Growing Schools programme that schools recognise the importance of children learning about the environment, where their food comes from and our dependence on natural resources. School gardens can be a great place to teach the curriculum and important life skills."

The current Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove said:
"Gardening is a fantastic activity for primary school children to get outdoors and learn about nature. It's great that they should be encouraged to get involved at a young age."

Dr Ruth Taylor, RHS Head of Education, said:
"School gardens are the linchpin to success in every area of the curriculum, and the benefits will spread through the school and into the wider community."

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